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The first AI-powered accountability browser with built-in parental controls

Lion Browser is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to accurately detect explicit websites and images. While browsing the internet, Lion will keep track of explicit websites visited and send them as a weekly log to a partner or partners of your choice.

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Lion browser uses AI and Machine Learning to detect explicit images in real-time while you browse. Lion keeps track of these websites and sends them to your partners weekly.


Our blacklist contains over 4.5 million adult websites and we are adding more everyday. These websites can be tracked or blocked. You can also add any website you want to your custom blacklist and Lion will track or block those website as well.

Detection Level

From Lion you can fine-tune the detection level and how sensitive you want the AI to be. You choose whether you want to track suggestive images or explicit images only.

History Logs

From Parental Controls you can choose to send daily or weekly emails to your partners of all of your browsing history for that time period.

Disable Images & Media

From Parental Controls you can enable blocking of all images and media for extra protection.

Top-Notch Browsing

Lion Browser is a top notch browsing experience comparable to all the most popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and DuckDuckGo.



"I love your browser, it’s incredibly beneficial and I love how minimal the whole model is. It’s a meaningful, practical, beautiful part of my digital setup, and I’m thankful for how it helps me care for my heart and walk with Jesus."- Deryk

"I had been using Covenant Eyes for about 5 years or more, and I just ran into this app. It's faster, cleaner and cheaper for sure."- Kree

"I highly recommend this app to anyone who desires greater accountability in their use of the worldwide web. The app hasn't let me down yet; its interface is simple and accessible."- FNH

"Out of all the accountability options for iOS, Lion is the best. Simple setup, browser functions on-par with Safari, and beautiful user-interface. Love it!"- DJames

"Ever since Covenant Eyes broke their service with the VPN upgrade I've been looking for an alternative. I've found it now. The internet is fast again, I still have the accountability I desire and I'm happy with a company that values privacy and security."- Waller

"Absolutely fantastic accountability app! Having used Covenant Eyes, X3Watch, Accountable2You, this one takes the cake...finally an accountability app that looks nice and runs smooth."- Trevor

"Thought there was no where to go for help like this, now there is with Lion Accountability, it's connecting like this that gives you hope and help when needed."- OntotheNew

"I've used several accountability apps and this is the best for Apple products I've seen. Price, quality, and functionality -- all five stars. I cancelled Covenant Eyes and I am glad I did."- SalesGuy2.0

"This app is designed very well. It holds to Apple's design philosophy of simplicity and cleanliness. Moreover it helps us to live our lives in a transparent matter. Great app guys!"- Vessel201

About Me

Patrick Adams

I created Lion Accountability Browser because I know first-hand how important it is to build good online browsing habits.

Today we use the internet more than ever and it's almost impossible to avoid the bad stuff. This browser is here to help you create good habits so that you can trust yourself no matter where you use the internet.

Thanks for supporting Lion!

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Release Notes

I am constantly updating and improving the app. Check out the release notes below!

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